Vista MultiPost Therapy Collar

Product Code: 984250

Aspen Active Influence Braces are Designed to Promote a More Natural Alignment

Aspen’s Active Influence line of braces are specifically designed to help patients suffering from chronic postural conditions. These innovative braces provide postural support with the goal of reducing symptoms caused by an unbalanced body position. Aspen Active Influence braces also work to encourage symmetrical spinal loading, prompting a more natural centre of gravity and a restoration of normal proprioception.

Worn minutes a day in the comfort of home, the Vista® MultiPost Therapy Collar is designed to reduce symptoms associated with cervical conditions such as cervicogenic headaches, Forward Head Carriage and “Text Neck”. Unnatural head positions can shift the cervical spine out of alignment, leading to radiculopathy, neuropathy and cervicogenic pain. The Vista MultiPost Therapy Collar promote an enhanced environment for healing by combining a pneumatic compression bladder that helps achieve cervical neutral with hot or cold therapy intended to reduce inflammation and muscle spasm.

• Fully adjustable front and back panels

• Pneumatic compression bladder

• Integrated air pump

• Hot/cold therapy

• Cervicogenic headaches

• Loss of range of motion

• General neck pain

• Muscle spasms

• Radiculopathy

• Thoracic pain

• Neuropathy

• Whiplash

• Stiff Neck

Vista Collar

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