Thumbs Up

Lightweight structure and comfortable fitting thumb spica. Innovative design with breathable holes. Protection glove and contact closure make this thumb spica an easy to use, well fitting solution for thumb care. Anatomically shaped, provides the right immobilisation to relieve pain during everyday activities.

Size Code Left NHSSC Code Code Right NHSSC Code Wrist Circumference
S TUJ/13 GRZ1981 TUJ/23 GRZ1871 14 - 15 cm
M TUJ/15 GRZ1982 TUJ/25 GRZ1872 16.5 - 18 cm
L TUJ/17 GRZ1983 TUJ/27 GRZ1873 20 - 21.5 cm
XL TUJ/18 GRZ1870 TUJ/28 GRZ1874 23 - 24 cm

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