Rigid Post Op Shoe

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A padded durable nylon upper with return loop buckles. The upper will accommodate swelling and dressings.

Padded insole with fully rigid lightweight composite outer sole unit. The sole unit is rigid to prevent any flexion following foot surgery that requires immobilization to aid healing and rehabilitation.

Sole Length
Sole Width
S (Woman) 445/WS 24 cm 8 cm
M (Woman) 445/WM 25 cm 9 cm
L (Woman) 445/WL 27 cm 9 cm
S (Man) 445/MS 28 cm 10 cm
M (Man) 445/MM 29 cm 10 cm
L (Man) 445/ML 30 cm 10 cm
XL 445/XL 32 cm 11 cm