Protherm Max™

Conformability, moderate RTS, and 100% memory combine for a versatile splinting material.

Resistance to Stretch

  • Moderate resistance to stretch.
  • Moderate to aggressive handling is tolerated.


  • Moderate to maximum drape to create a close conforming fit.
  • Provides excellent reproduction of detail.


  • 100% memory, ideal for serial splinting.
  • Always recovers its original cut shape and size when reheated.


  • Moderate to maximum rigidity.


  • Uncoated material. Provides a very sticky surface when warm and bonds without the need for solvents.
  • Sticks easily to itself. Use as bonding agent to attach outriggers or other accessories to splint.
  • Use as a bonding agent to attach outriggers or other accessories to a splint or a permanent bond, apply dry heat to the surface until shiny and attach accessories directly to the material. 
  • Wet bonds can be released in warm water if necessary. 
  • For easier handling, add liquid soap to water and keep thermoplastic damp while molding. 
  • Handling instructions are included. 

Surface Finish

  • Finished splints have a smooth, glossy surface.
  • Fingerprints and other surface marks disappear as the material cools. Makes professional looking orthosis.
  • When cut while warm, Omega™ Max forms smooth, sealed edges.


  • Use 1/8" Omega™ Max for hand or wrist splints back supports, anti-spasticity splints, lower extremity positioning splints, serial static splints and bases for dynamic splints.
  • Use 3/32" Omega™ Max for lightweight hand or wrist splints. Because of its superior rigidity, 3/32" Omega™ Max can be used for dynamic splint bases.
  • Pediatric splints made from the 3/32" thickness have excellent conformability and will hold against strong hypertonicity.

Working Time (1/8")

  • Allows approximately three minutes to form and harden after softening in 140° F (60° C) to 150° F (66° C) water.
  • Fastest setup time, ideal for busy clinics and patients who benefit from less handling time

Latex Free

Free of BPA chemicals

See Specs tab for perforation and thickness.

Sheets sold individually, or in a case of 2 or 4.