Progress™ Elbow Hinge Splint

Progress™ Elbow Hinge Orthosis

Locks elbow in position or set movement range.

  • Bilateral hinges provide full range of motion, and adjust in 30° increments. Achieve in-between positions by adjusting the strap tension. Attain blocked or full range of motion in one or both directions.
  • Use the included hex wrench to adjust the two hinge screws and set the desired angle of flexion and extension.
  • Bend padded cross supports for best fit. Trim foam padding as needed.
  • Protective covers over the hinge axis offer a comfortable fit.
  • Includes durable straps with matching D-ring buckles and hook / loop tabs.
  • Fits either the left or right arm.

To size, measure the circumference at the mid-humerus