Procool D-ring Wrist Splint


Low profile support with circumferential slip-on design and D-Ring fastening to allow easier one handed application. Aluminium palmar bar can be removed for further adjustment. Dorsal stockinette lining facilitates application and cushions strap closures. Design of the Standard and Firm braces allow full finger and thumb function whilst limiting wrist flexion. The Firm splint has the addition of adjustable dorsal stays to reduce unwanted flexion and extension and improve overall immobilisation of acute soft tissue injuries. This brace can be trimmed if required.

Indications Include:
¢ Sprains
¢ Arthritis
¢ Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
¢ Strains

Procool is a range of lightweight and breathable splints producing excellent compression and support for a wide range of conditions and injuries. Made with tiny perforations in the Neoprene for comfortable wear and a terry cloth lining that feels good against the skin. Procool offers you just the fit you want - excellent stability without excessive bulk.

Size Code Left (Standard) NHSSC Code Code Right (Standard) NHSSC Code Code Left (Firm) Code Right (Firm) Wrist Circumference
XS PDR/12 GRZ2257 PDR/22 GRZ2262 PDRF/12 PDRF/22 > 15 cm
S PDR/13 GRZ2258 PDR/23 GRZ2263 PDRF/13 PDRF/23 15 - 17 cm
M PDR/15 GRZ2259 PDR/25 GRZ2264 PDRF/15 PDRF/25 17 - 19 cm
L PDR/17 GRZ2260 PDR/27 GRZ2265 PDRF/17 PDRF/27 19 - 22 cm
XL PDR/18 GRZ2261 PDR/28 GRZ2266 PDRF/18 PDRF/28 22 cm +