Pro-rheuma Wrist Brace


Made from a breathable high compression material with microfleece lining. Easy ÌÐslip-onÈ design with D-ring closure straps. This brace is very comfortable and excellent for patients with limited dexterity, such as osteoarthritis and wrist instability. Supplied with medium stability plastic palmar support which can be heat moulded.

Available in black & beige.

Size Code Left
Code Right
Code Left
Code Right
Wrist Circumference
XS PRHW/12 PRHW/22 PRHWB/12 PRHWB/22 13 - 14 cm
S PRHW/13 PRHW/23 PRHWB/13 PRHWB/23 14 - 16 cm
M PRHW/15 PRHW/25 PRHWB/15 PRHWB/25 16 - 19 cm
L PRHW/17 PRHW/27 PRHWB/17 PRHWB/27 19 - 20 cm
XL PRHW/18 PRHW/28 PRHWB/18 PRHWB/28 20 - 22 cm
XXL PRHW/19 PRHW/29 PRHWB/19 PRHWB/29 22 - 24 cm