Orfit® Eco NS

A temporary bond can be used during the moulding process to keep the material in place. No risk for accidental bonding. Permanent bond only when desired by dry heating and after removal of the coating. Allows to apply pressure during the fabrication of the orthosis. Orfit Eco can stretch up to 300%. 

Easy handling and control of material during moulding. Very strong material which holds perfectly its shape against increased tone. The combination of the moulding capacity and a precise pattern design allows to mould conform to patient anatomy. 

  • Orfit Eco Black NS is a non-stick coated material. 
  • Offers excellent rigidity and has excellent resistance to fingerprints. 
  • High resistance to stretch and low drape. 
  • Low to moderate elastic memory. 
  • High quality recycled material.
  • Beautiful and smooth surface finish.