Omega™ Plus

Maximum resistance to stretch and minimum drape allows aggressive handling.

Resistance to Stretch

  • Maximum resistance to stretch. Firm handling needed to stretch material.
  • Omega™ Plus can be stretched and pulled around curves without thinning or growing out of control.


  • Minimum drape.
  • Use firm handling, for smaller contours. Best for larger joints of the body needing firm support.
  • Ideal for splinting clients who are unable to cooperate due to spasticity or non-painful contractures.


  • 100% memory. Ideal for serial splinting.
  • If mistake is made in fitting, reheat and start over.
  • Good for infrequent or novice splinters.


  • Maximum rigidity.
  • Upper and lower extremity splints will hold their position even against strong pressure or hypertonicity.


  • Uncoated material. Provides a very sticky surface when warm and bonds without the need for solvents.
  • Sticks easily to itself. Use as bonding agent to attach outriggers or other accessories to splint.
  • Use as a bonding agent to attach outriggers or other accessories to a splint or a permanent bond, apply dry heat to the surface until shiny and attach accessories directly to the material. 
  • Wet bonds can be released in warm water if necessary. 
  • For easier handling, add liquid soap to water and keep thermoplastic damp while molding. 
  • Handling instructions are included. 

Surface Finish

  • Maximum resistance to fingerprints. Can tolerate aggressive handling.
  • If pressure or wrappings are removed while Omega™ Plus is still warm, marks will disappear from the surface.


  • Use for anti-spasticity splints, lower extremity positioning splints, shoulder abduction (airplane) splints, back supports and for serial static splinting.

Working Time (1/8")

  • Sets up in three to four minutes at 160° F (71° C).  Sets up quickly saving time if splinting frightened or non-compliant patients.

Latex Free

Free of BPA chemicals

See Specs tab for perforation and thickness.

Sheets sold individually or in cases of 2 or 4.