Juraprene Wrist Thumb Wrap


A latex free neoprene with terry plush lining makes this a very comfortable support. Full finger flexion whilst giving good circumferential compression and support to the wrist and thumb. The wrap is easily fastened using hook and loop closures. Fits either left or right hand and can be trimmed in areas for a custom fit.Available in Beige, Black and Blue.

Size Colour Code NHSSC Code Wrist Circumference
S Beige JTWWS/03/BE - Up to 17 cm
M Beige JTWWS/05/BE GRZ2564 17 - 19 cm
L Beige JTWWS/07/BE GRZ2567 19 cm +
S Blue JTWWS/03/BL GRZ2563 Up to 17 cm
M Blue JTWWS/05/BL GRZ2566 17 - 19 cm
L Blue JTWWS/07/BL GRZ2569 19 cm +
S Black JTWWS/03/BLK GRZ2562 Up to 17 cm
M Black JTWWS/05/BLK GRZ2565 17 - 19 cm
L Black JTWWS/07/BLK GRZ2568 19 cm +

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