Horizon 627 Lumbar

Product Code: 993710

Aspen Pain Therapy Braces Proven Effective in Promoting Trunk Stability

Research shows that inelastic braces are significantly more effective at improving trunk stability than elastic braces, a key factor in relieving muscle spasms which can cause pain. Increased trunk stability reduces the load on overtaxed muscles, so tightened and fatigued muscles can relax. Aspen lower spine braces are inelastic by design, backed by years of innovative research and development.

With a lowest profile design within the line, the Horizon™ 627 Lumbar provides essential trunk stability and targeted compression by utilising the widely-praised SlickTrack™ tightening system. One size adjustable, the Horizon 627 Lumbar comfortably fits waist sizes ranging from 61-127 centimetres, and up to 178 centimetres with the extension panels. To further support patient recovery, the Horizon braces can be stepped down to the Horizon PRO for treatment of recurring ailments.

• Rapid return to activity

• Lowest profile design

• Postoperative support / pain relief

• Deconditioned trunk musculature

• Post laminectomy syndrome

• Decompressive procedures

• Degenerative disc disease

• Bulging or herniated disc

• Insidious low back pain

• Chronic low back pain

• Fracture management

• Spondylolisthesis

• IDET procedure

• Spinal stenosis

• Sprains / strains

• Facet syndrome

• SI dysfunction

• Radiculopathy

• Spondylosis

• Severe DJD

• Sacrolitis

• Injections

Vista Collar

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