Genurange Universal


To reduce stock-holding of different circumferences, the one size Universal wraps can be cut, without fraying, to fit most sizes. Open-cell padding tibial and femoral liners are attached by four or six straps for an excellent fit. Hinges, applied to the liners, align with the tibial condyles and the liners can be removed for replacement or laundering. Available in four lengths. Replacement wraps and straps available, see below.

  • A geared, polycentric hinge which mimics the action of the knee
  • Four small pins which are inserted into apertures to set the hinge at the required angles of flexion and extension, between 10 degrees and 110 degrees.
  • A plastic hinge cover, with screw closure, to prevent patients tampering with the hinge mechanism.
  • Features plastic tags to prevent loss of pins.