Comfort Cool™ Wrist Wrap with Ulnar or Dorsal Support

This versatile splint can be used to prevent ulnar deviation or wrist extension, tendinitis, wrist instability, ulnar drift problems or triangular fibrocartilage complex tears. The 1.6mm perforated neoprene supports without excessive bulk.

The double-layer insert pocket protects and supports either the dorsal or the ulnar side of the wrist and helps prevent unwanted movement. Soft, terry cloth liner feels good against the skin. Includes a 2.4mm thick thermoplastic insert offering firm support and restricting wrist movement depending on placement. Easily custom fit the insert: heat in warm water, or microwave the insert while it is in the splint. Allows the thumb and fingers to move freely. For dorsal support, simply order the splint size for the opposite hand. Anti-microbial and latex free.