Air X Wrist Thumb


A two-piece wrist thumb brace with longitudinal seam conforms perfectly to the wrist, hand and forearm.Ì_ Aluminium palmar bar and thumb stay provides excellent support to wrist and first CMC & MCP joints.Ì_ The thumb stay can be easily adjusted for the required degree of abduction and the thumb closure is easily adjusted for a comfortable fit

¢ Breathable
¢ Vapour transfer for reduced moisture
¢ Skin Friendly
¢ Comfort, compression & Conforms

Moisture-transporting material
The unique AirX¬ fabric has the ability to transport moisture efficiently away from the body. The layering of fibre structures promotes a moisture wicking process, which results in a dry comfortable feeling to the surface of the skin so that body always feels fresh and dry. AirX¬ gives the body optimal freedom to breathe ̱ reduces the risk of skin maceration which results in improved patient compliance.

A pleasant surprise
It is hard not to be impressed. AirX¬ is made of a soft, lightweight material that perfectly follows the contours of the body. This means that AirX¬ adapts itself perfectly to the body so that it feels extremely comfortable to wearÌ_ ̱ even for long periods at a time ̱ a feature, which is often a problem with orthopaedic and sport medical braces and supports. In this way, AirX¬ is a comfortable material that helps to to increased patient compliance without you even knowing!

Size Code Left Code Right Wrist Circumference
XS AWT/12 AWT/22 11.5 - 13 cm
S AWT/13 AWT/23 14 - 15 cm
M AWT/15 AWT/25 16.5 - 18 cm
L AWT/17 AWT/27 20 - 21.5 cm
XL AWT/18 AWT/28 23 - 24 cm


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