Elastic Wrist Thumb Brace


An elastic wrist brace incorporating a padded malleable aluminium thumb stay. Holds the thumb firmly in abduction, supporting the thumb MP joint and restricting movement at the CMC joint.

Size Code Left NHSSC Code Code Right NHSSC Code Wrist Circumference
XS WTE/12 GQV071 WTE/22 GQV101 11.5 - 13 cm
S WTE/13 GQV072 WTE/23 GQV102 14 - 15 cm
M WTE/15 GQV073 WTE/25 GQV070 16.5 - 18 cm
L WTE/17 GQV098 WTE/27 GQV103 20 - 21.5 cm
XL WTE/18 GQV099 WTE/28 GQV104 23 - 24 cm