VK Knee Brace


The longer 41cm metal hyperstop hinges provide increased stability and medial and lateral support for the unstable valgus or varus knee. The front opening design and easy-open tabs on the hook/loopstraps make this brace suitable for the arthritic or elderly patient, who may suffer from limited dexterity.

The VK Knee brace is sided left and right for improved fit.

Size Code Left Code Right Knee Circumference
XS VK/12 VK/22 25 - 28 cm
S VK/13 VK/23 28 - 34 cm
M VK/15 VK/25 34 - 40 cm
L VK/17 VK/27 40 - 46 cm
XL VK/18 VK/28 46 - 56 cm
XXL VK/19 VK/29 56 - 61 cm