Jura Air Shield Walker - Short


This lightweight low profile walker allows good gait pattern and has independently adjustable dual airbags for improved stability and support.

Features a comfortable breathable liner with toe cover. Anterior & posterior shells offer improved stability and immobilisation with velour strap fastening. The shells can be removed for staged rehabilitation.

Replacement liners available.

Size Code NHSSC Code Replacement Liners Code Shoe Size
S JWAS/03/C GRA535 JWAS/03/L/C 3 - 5.5
M JWAS/05/C GRA536 JWAS/05/L/C 6 - 9
L JWAS/07/C GRA537 JWAS/07/L/C 9.5 - 11
XL JWAS/08/C GRA538 JWAS/08/L/C 11 +