Sheets sold individually or in cases of 2 or 4. Great for fracture bracing and immobilisation splinting. Moderate to maximum resistance to stretch. The material can be handled firmly.

Orfibrace™ can be stretched and pulled around curves without thinning or growing out of control. Moderate drape. Offers good conformability for an intimate fit. Only moderate pressure is required to contour the material. Moderate to maximum memory. Material can be reheated to slowly return it to its original size. Moderate to Maximum rigidity. Splints will hold their shape against the pull of strong muscles or hypertonicity. Traditional coating helps prevent unwanted sticking.

When heated, it initially has a slightly tacky surface, which helps the material stay in place for an intimate fit. Pinch it together while warm to make a temporary bond. Apply solvent and dry heat to achieve a permanent bond. Tolerates heavy handling without showing fingerprints, leaving smooth, rounded edges.

Provides professional looking image with glossy smooth gray finish. Ideal for medium to large splints, such as back supports, anti-spasticity upper extremity splints, body jackets and lower extremity orthoses. Ideal for use on patients who are unable to cooperate in the splinting process, such as those with abnormal tone conditions or joint contractures. Once fully moulded, it becomes a rigid, supportive device that will not shrink after cooling. Sets up in three to six minutes at 66°C. Latex Free.