Freedom SX Wrist Brace


Using latex free elastic, the Freedom SX brace is manufactured with a full length seam assembly that shapes the brace to fit the wrist and forearm perfectly. This newly developed elastic feels soft and kind to the skin. 18cm long with reinforced casing and aluminium palmar bar.

Available in grey with black (Pictured)
Also available in black.

Size Code Left
Code Right
Code Left
Code Right
Wrist Circumference
XS FSX/12/GB FSX/22/GB FSX/12/BK FSX/22/BK 11.5 - 13 cm
S FSX/13/GB FSX/23/GB FSX/13/BK FSX/23/BK 14 - 15 cm
M FSX/15/GB FSX/25/GB FSX/15/BK FSX/25/BK 16.5 - 18 cm
L FSX/17/GB FSX/27/GB FSX/17/BK FSX/27/BK 20 - 21.5 cm
XL FSX/18/GB FSX/28/GB FSX/17/BK FSX/28/BK 23 - 24 cm

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