Standard Wrist Brace


An 18cm wrist brace made of quality woven elastic for comfort and durability, enclosing an aluminium palmar bar which can be easily shaped to fit the wrist.

The Unique overlocked edges offer excellent comfort, especially to minimise chafing at the thumb web and palmar crease.

Available in beige and black.

Size Code Left
(Left Beige)
Code Right
(Right Beige)
Code Left
Code Right
Wrist Circumference
XS SWB/12 GQV2226 SWB/22 GQV2224 SWB/12/BK SWB/22/BK 11.5 - 13 cm
S SWB/13 GQV2227 SWB/23 GQV2225 SWB/13/BK SWB/23/BK 14 - 15 cm
M SWB/15 GQV2221 SWB/25 GQV2229 SWB/15/BK SWB/25/BK 16.5 - 18 cm
L SWB/17 GQV2222 SWB/27 GQV2230 SWB/17/BK SWB/27/BK 20 - 21.5 cm
XL SWB/18 GQV2223 SWB/28 GQV228 SWB/17/BK SWB/28/BK 23 - 24 cm

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