Push CMC


The Push CMC consists of a cylindrical section around the ball of the thumb and a fixed connection running along the palm to the outside of the hand. This can be closed at the back of the hand with two non-elastic bands. The cylindrical section consists of two components: an aluminium strip and a flexible, synthetic part. The aluminium strip can be shaped and individually adapted for maximum stabilisation of the base of the thumb.

The selected materials and rounded edges guarantee maximum comfort. The simple closing system enables patients to fit the brace themselves without any effort.

The Push CMC is a slim and compact product. The brace can be used in the water. Hygiene is important around the hand. Therefore the synthetic material is antibacterial and the brace can be washed in a washing machine at 40́.

"The Push CMC is an ingenious design that solves the problem of pain for those with CMC osteoarthritis, including me! I am eager to wear it because of its comfort, lack of functional impediment, and durability. In my experience it is the only commercially produced thumb brace that is superior to what I could custom mold for a patient."

Size Code Left NHSSC Code Code Right NHSSC Code Circumference at Palmar Crease
S 310111 GRZ2299 310121 GRZ2302 16 - 19.5cm
M 310112 GRZ2300 310122 GRZ2303 19.5 - 22.5 cm
L 310113 GRZ2301 310123 GRZ2304 22.5 - 26 cm

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