Orficast for Larger Orthosis Webinar

Orficast for Larger Orthosis Webinar

Promedics are excited to announce our next live webinar!💡

Registration for 'Orficast for Larger Orthosis - Featuring Orficast & Orficast More Materials' hosted by Orfit's Product & Educational Specialist Debby Schwartz is now open.

🗓 Wednesday 5th June, 2024
🕑 2pm, duration of 1 hour
🎟 Cost: free

The webinar will focus on the unique properties of Orficast and Orficast More and demonstrate a variety of orthoses to highlight the ease of use and drapability. There will also be an opportunity to ask Debby questions throughout the webinar using the Q&A feature.

Sign up for the live event here

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